Focal Utopia Headphones Review I first had the chance to audition Focal’s Utopia at the Wikia meet in San Francisco, taking them around and trying them in different rigs. For $4000, they had a lot […]

HiFiMan Edition X V2 Review

With the release of HiFiMan’s HE1000 at $3000, there was a large gap between their lesser planar offerings, such as the HE560 and the flagship. Filling that gap, originally at […]

ALO Audio Continental V5 A few years ago I remember meeting Ken Ball at one of the Tokyo headphone festivals when he had announced the RX3-B balanced portable headphone amp. All the rage […]

APEX HiFi Sangaku Headphone Amp Review Big transformers. Bulging tubes. Heat radiating all around the orange glow. That’s what we imagine when we think about tube amps. However Pete Millet, long known for his amplifier […]