In-ear Monitors

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Reviews of in-ear monitors, IEMs, earbuds and custom IEMs (CIEMs) from cheap to expensive.

LZ-A5 Hybrid IEM Review

INTRODUCTION My initial intro to LZ’s range of IEMs was the A4, and it was a truly remarkable triple hybrid IEM with a well though out tuning system. Since then […]

Brainwavz B200 V2 – Review

INTRODUCTION Just on three months ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Brainwavz’s B400 IEM – a quad BA in a 3D printed shell for $190-$275 (depending on your choice […]

JHAudio Roxanne II Review

A few years ago JHAudio unveiled the Roxanne, the first of the Siren Series of IEMs with a new connector and adjustable base levels. Now they have teamed up with […]

JHAudio Roxanne II Unboxing It has been three years since I reviewed JHAudio’s Roxannes, the first of their Siren Series IEMs. With adjustable bass and 12 drivers per side, JHAudio has updated the […]

Dita Audio Dream Cable Review

Being somewhat well-known, it is not unusual for me to be approached by manufacturers at the Tokyo headphone festivals, ushered into an empty corridor or behind the banners at a […]

HiFiMan RE2000 Review

A few years ago I remember that the big deal about HiFiMan IEMs was their low price. It was hard to argue with good sound for $99, so it is […]