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Reviews of in-ear monitors, IEMs, earbuds and custom IEMs (CIEMs) from cheap to expensive.

FiiO FH5 Hybrid IEM Review

INTRODUCTION FiiO have been very busy in the portable audio world of late, and it seems like only a short time ago they debuted their F9 series, and then followed […]

Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered

Ultimate Ears’ Reference Monitor (UERM) became such a standard amongst some members on Head-Fi that at one point a member asked in one of the popular “diary” threads a question […]

iFi Audio iEMatch

As you get more into high-end in-ear monitors (IEMs) it is not unusual to encounter discussion online that you need amps or DAPs that have a low, or near zero […]

LZ-A5 Hybrid IEM Review

INTRODUCTION My initial intro to LZ’s range of IEMs was the A4, and it was a truly remarkable triple hybrid IEM with a well though out tuning system. Since then […]

Brainwavz B200 V2 – Review

INTRODUCTION Just on three months ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Brainwavz’s B400 IEM – a quad BA in a 3D printed shell for $190-$275 (depending on your choice […]

JHAudio Roxanne II Review

A few years ago JHAudio unveiled the Roxanne, the first of the Siren Series of IEMs with a new connector and adjustable base levels. Now they have teamed up with […]

JHAudio Roxanne II Unboxing It has been three years since I reviewed JHAudio’s Roxannes, the first of their Siren Series IEMs. With adjustable bass and 12 drivers per side, JHAudio has updated the […]

Dita Audio Dream Cable Review

Being somewhat well-known, it is not unusual for me to be approached by manufacturers at the Tokyo headphone festivals, ushered into an empty corridor or behind the banners at a […]

HiFiMan RE2000 Review

A few years ago I remember that the big deal about HiFiMan IEMs was their low price. It was hard to argue with good sound for $99, so it is […]