Headphone Amplifiers

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Desktop and portable, including tube, solid-state amplifiers for full-sized headphones and in-ear monitors.

Soundaware P1 and Focal Utopia

Soundaware P1 Review

As the first in a series of reviews of headphone amplifiers and related components I’ll doing video reviews of over the coming months, the Soundaware P1 sits firmly in the […]

iFi Pro iCan Review

For some time I have been interested in iFi’s products, though never made it around to reviewing them. After some discussion with the company, they offered to send me a […]

Audio-gd R28 DAC/amp

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSBD1S9dXzE When I first joined Head-Fi in search of new headphones, it was rare to find a combined DAC/amp. The ones I recall, made by HeadRoom (now defunct) was a […]