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Reviews of Portable Digital Audio Players for MP3, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, including Android-based players.

FiiO X7II announced

FiiO recently announced the latest version of their Android-based music player. The X7II is not only more attractive, clearly taking styling cues from Astell&Kern, but includes a number of improvements […]

FiiO X7 Review

FiiO’s announcement of the X7 II means that a lot of the original generation FiiO X7 will be easy to find for cheap. While a bit slow, the build quality […]

Soundaware M1

Soundaware M1 Esther

Danny from DITA Audio tipped me off that I should check out Soundaware’s products so I contacted them and they provided me with a D100PRO music server and the M1 […]