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Reviews of Digital to Analog Converters, both desktop and portable.

Audio-gd R2R 7 Review

Around a year ago Audio-gd announced the R2R 7, the first new discrete ladder DAC flagship from Audio-gd. With the previous flagships using the now discontinued PCM1704UK R2R DAC chip, the new […]

FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth DAC and Amp

INTRODUCTION Blue-tooth has changed a lot since it’s been introduced. Originally audiophile purists would turn their noses up at the overall quality (with good reason), and the early Blue-tooth standards […]

iFi xDSD Review

iFi have carved a name for themselves with affordable and powerful DACs and headphones amps, as well as noise-reducing USB and digital accessories. The new xDSD has been my first […]

Chord Hugo 2 2go

Chord 2Go for Hugo 2

John Franks has posted preview pictures of the upcoming 2go wireless attachment on Head-Fi. Expected to have the same features as the Poly for the Mojo, the 2Go will turn […]

Audio-gd Announces the R2R 1 DAC

With the previous announcement of the full-size R2R 7, and mid-size single-ended R2R 2, Audio-gd’s new mid-sized R2R 1 balanced DAC completes their line-up of resistor-ladders DACs. Due to the size of the […]

Audio-gd R2R 2

Audio-gd announces the R2R 2 DAC

Sitting in Audio-gd’s mid-sized chassis, the R2R 2 is the 4th ladder DAC announced by the Chinese company. Given its size and price, it is likely to replace the Singularity 19, […]

Chord Hugo 2 Review: Part 2

https://youtu.be/igXnopWRVP8 Chord’s original Hugo was something of an unusual revelation for me. I was quite used to thinking that high-end DACs had to be big, power-hungry beasts in heavy aluminium […]