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Reviews of Digital to Analog Converters, both desktop and portable.

Best of 2018

Best of 2018: Amos

While it’s a bit late, a few people asked me what I thought were the best products of 2018. That’s a difficult choice, as I didn’t get to experience as […]

FiiO K3 – Mini Desktop DAC/amp

INTRODUCTION Many of us (who are looking at using more than just our smart-phone for audio) will be looking for solutions for particular circumstances. Personally, I have a desktop set-up […]

VE Odyssey DAC/amp dongle (review)

INTRODUCTION Over time, and with the advent of the smart-phone essentially becoming our electronic PA, the ongoing trend has been continuation of a common theme. Thinner, faster, more screen space, […]

Tokyo 2018: XIAUDIO Sagra DAC

The founders of XIAUDIO talk about the name of their company and their new Soekris-based Sagra DAC, named after the famous building in Barcelona, at the 2018 Autumn Tokyo FujiyaAvic […]