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VE Odyssey DAC/amp dongle (review)

INTRODUCTION Over time, and with the advent of the smart-phone essentially becoming our electronic PA, the ongoing trend has been continuation of a common theme. Thinner, faster, more screen space, […]

Earsonics ES5 – IEM Review

INTRODUCTION Over the years, with more experience slowly gained, I’ve started to refine my audio collection. I realise I have a privileged position because as a reviewer, I often get […]

FiiO FH5 Hybrid IEM Review

INTRODUCTION FiiO have been very busy in the portable audio world of late, and it seems like only a short time ago they debuted their F9 series, and then followed […]

FiiO M7 Digital Audio Player Review

INTRODUCTION FiiO has over time evolved with an interesting line-up in Digital AudioPlayers (DAPs). They started with the original X3 (affordable), then over time developed the X1 series (budget/entry point), […]