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Best of 2018

Best of 2018: Amos

While it’s a bit late, a few people asked me what I thought were the best products of 2018. That’s a difficult choice, as I didn’t get to experience as […]

Audio-gd Master 9

Audio-gd Master 9 Almost a decade ago now I asked Kingwa (He Qinhua), the owner of Audio-gd about making a version of the headphone amp I had bought from him. He told […]

FiiO M9

FiiO M9 DAP Review

FiiO has packed the inexpensive M9 with features, including 2-way Bluetooth. I put it through its paces, including taking it with me on a trip to Tokyo.

Tokyo 2018: XIAUDIO Sagra DAC

The founders of XIAUDIO talk about the name of their company and their new Soekris-based Sagra DAC, named after the famous building in Barcelona, at the 2018 Autumn Tokyo FujiyaAvic […]

Tokyo 2018: Cayin N8

John Huang of Cayin talks a bit about the DAP at the 2018 Autumn Tokyo FUJIYAAVIC Headphone Festival. I didn’t realise why Cayin’s new N8 was so huge until I […]

Tokyo 2018: MrSpeakers

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers shows off the new Ether 2 headphones with technology taken from the work he did on the Voce electrostats at the 2018 Autumn Tokyo FUJIYAAVIC Headphone […]

Tokyo 2018: Menlo Scientific

Michael Klasco of Menlo Scientific presents some of the interesting materials, as well as their properties, that go into audio and other products, at the 2018 Tokyo Autumn FUJIYAAVIC Headphone […]

Tokyo 2018: Shure RMCE-BT2

Sean Sullivan shows us their latest product – a high-quality Bluetooth receiver and headphone amp for their IEMs at the 2018 Autumn FUJIYA AVIC Headphone Fetival.